Name: Sarah Tarter

Sarah Tarter

Sarah Tarter is a Global Campaigns Specialist at Rubrik. Rubrik is Sarah’s first company since graduating from college. She previously held the roles of Marketing Coordinator and Marketing Specialist, Demand Generation & Content.

Sarah graduated from Santa Clara University with degrees in English Language (with a concentration in Rhetoric & Writing Studies) and Political Science.

Sarah had a range of jobs and internships while at college in marketing, sales, advocacy, and writing. She spent time volunteering. And as a part of a sorority.

I wanted to have Sarah on the show as part of my effort to bring new and different perspectives and to focus on specific topics that are interesting to you, my listeners. I have known Sarah for a number of years, watching her go through school and start her first job. This is what we talk about in this first podcast.

In the second podcast, we will talk about Marketing. What is it, how it works at Rubrik, what Sarah likes about it, and where she sees her career going.

Career Journey

As you can see from the description above, Sarah did not start off her college thinking that she would work for a high-technology company in Marketing. She really was not sure what she would do. So she pursued what seemed interesting. This shows up as much in her many jobs and internships, as it does in her focusing on her English major and adding a second major in Political Science.

With all of this searching, it still became a bit stressful during her senior year when she felt the urgency to nail down a job. She had some good options, but it was not until someone in her network made the introduction to Rubrik, and the rest is history!

I think the podcast will be both interesting and useful in helping others to think about their career journey.

Marketing Interview

The discussion in the first podcast leads nicely into the second podcast, where we will talk about marketing. During this interview, I ask four questions.

  1. Many of our listeners may not fully understand marketing. Can you talk about the breadth of responsibility that marketing has at Rubrik?
  2. What are some of the reasons that you are enjoying marketing?
  3. What are some surprises and/or challenges that you have seen in marketing or how marketing fits in the company?
  4. Having talked to you a bit, you have already had some great managers in your career. When you think about them, what are some of the attributes that have made them so good?

As we go through this, one of the parts I liked best was the marketing examples that we used and what was done by corporate vs product marketing organizations. I also really enjoyed Sarah’s comments on what makes a great manager.

I am sure you will get a lot out of this discussion.

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