As is my practice, and one that I think you should consider, I review how I did against my 2023 goals, document my learnings, and move on to defining the 2024 goals.

I did not do particularly well in 2023. Here are the results.

Improve Golf Consistency (<10% doubles, >3% birdies)Successful, hit these numbers exactly.
Add Agility to Workouts (1+ agility activity / 2 weeks)Partially successful, added agility but not enough!
Ship a Product (BeerHiker in Q1)Unsuccessful, reached a very solid Beta but decided that it was not ready for GA.
Visit National Parks (1+ new National Park)Unsuccessful, did not visit any new National Parks this year
Continue Consulting (Personal dev for 3+ people)Partially successful, helped multiple people but not to the level that I had expected.

I have a couple of takeaways.

  • The first is that, even though I have been retired for a number of years, where I spend my time and what gives me energy and motivation, continues to evolve. I need to be ok with this. And I need to make sure that there is a really good reason for each goal so that regardless of how things change, I have the motivation to achieve each of them.
  • A couple of goals were missed just because I didn’t make a plan, schedule my time, or book a trip. I need to ensure all planning, scheduling are taken care of early in the year.

Now on to 2024. Here are my goals and the rationale behind each.

GolfImprove Putting (< Ave Putts / Round)My golf index has really dropped. I think the next aspect I should focus on is putting.
6+ Competitive Golf RoundsIn addition to focusing on putting, I need to make sure my game holds up under pressure.
Social Fitness5+ Trips / Big Activities w/FriendsI want to strengthen the friendships that we have.
4+ Volunteer EventsI have a desire to do good.
Longevity / Healthy LivingMake 3+ Changes, Measure ResultsMost important to me is living a healthy life. I made good progress this year in making changes and implementing a measurement process. I want to do more in 2024.
Complete at Least One 5-day FastOne that appears to be incredibly valuable in longevity and biological age reduction is fasting. I need to give it a try and see what results I achieve.
High-Intensity Training 1+ /WkAlso important, together with resistance training is high-intensity training. I started this in 2023 and want to do better in 2024.
ConsultingHelp 1+ CompaniesI get satisfaction from helping friends with their challenges as well as helping to make their companies more successful. I would like to have one of these “projects” in 2024.

This is a reasonably long list, but I think that I can achieve all of them. Some are already scheduled 🙂

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