2020 Personal Goals

I want to continue the approach that I took last year – to share my goals in order to hold myself accountable. Here they are.


Ship A ProductAs a part of Make Life Great, I want to help others through Develop Great Managers as well as create products that make your outdoor experience more fun. This is to design, develop and ship a product!
Generate at least $20k in Revenue from Make Life GreatA good measure for how I am doing with Make Life Great is to generate some revenue from the work I do and the products that I create. Last year that goal was $1k. This year it is $20k.
Focus on Topics within Develop Great Managers PodcastsI think that last year turned out great, with the delivery of almost 50 podcasts. To make the podcasts more valuable, I want to go deeper into the topics that managers are most interested in.
Reduce my Golf Index by at least 1I improved last year. I want to improve again this year. That means a better index at the end of the year!
Complete at least 1 Epic EventIn the past, my goal was to complete an Epic Hike. This year I am open to other options, such as the Alcatraz swim. But I need to complete at least one!
Do at least 1 Large Home Improvement ProjectsI really enjoy these kinds of projects. Last year I did a bathroom in Twain Harte. This year I want to do the other and redo the backyard at home. They take a lot of time and are not cheap, so my goal is to complete at least one!
Settle into RetirementIt has been a year now. I am still a bit unsettled on how I want to spend my time. When and how much do we travel? When are we home? How do I stay current with technology? Am I doing enough to help others (eg. DGM)? Pretty undefined, but want to make progress:)

I will post an update in the middle of the year and again at the end. These will also be shared on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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