I have never wrapped up a Develop Great Managers year… until now. I want to share my progress in 2019 and cover what I will be doing differently in 2020 to best support you!


I focused on three things during 2019.

  1. Launch a Develop Great Managers podcast.
  2. Make sure the podcasts and website are covering the right topics for managers.
  3. Grow ongoing engagement with my “customers.”

Let’s see how it turned out…

I launched the podcast in March!  By the numbers, I released 46 episodes from interviews with 22 great managers.

During the year, I collected feedbackupdated the website twice, and changed the questions that I was asking during the podcast interviews. These changes appear to have been the right ones as listenership and subscription numbers have grown. THANK YOU!!

Also during the year, I hired Socially Tuned to help me drive awareness of the website and podcast. Together we worked toward my goal of 500 subscribers across a variety of channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and directly on the website. We smashed this goal, with over 900 subscribers, primarily from the Develop Great Managers Facebook page and website subscriptions.

As a fun fact, the most popular post on Facebook, continuing even today to drive traffic, is the following.



Now on to what will be different in 2020.

I will be focusing on two things. The first is to dig more deeply into the topics that are most interesting and relevant to managers. And the second is to increase interaction with all of you, my listeners.

To cover the topics fully, each will span multiple weeks or even months. During this time, some of the podcasts will be just me, and others will include invited guests. There will continue to be interviews with great managers. These will be interspersed with podcasts on various topics.

I am still working through the topics for 2020. Here are some that I am considering.

  • Managing across the various generations
  • Managing underperformers (including how to manage them out or fire them)
  • Best practices in managing remote employees
  • Finding your work-life balance
  • Driving a culture of innovation
  • How to use goals successfully

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts on the topics that you would like me to cover. Share below or on any of the social media platforms where you find this post.

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