In the first two podcasts about goals, I covered “Why do Goals?” and “How to Define Them!”. It is time to move on to how to operationalize your goals. Each aspect is important. This one is critical to driving success.

If you are interested in the presentation that was used in the creation of this post and podcast, you can get it here.


This podcast focused on how to operationalize goals. There are five critical aspects that are discussed.

  1. Develop a Plan
  2. Assign an Owner
  3. Measure and Report
  4. Review and Adjust
  5. Finalize Results

The podcast includes detailed information related to two of these aspects. The first of these is how to select the right goal owner. The most important criteria are:

  • Alignment with their role and/or responsibility.
  • Ability to successfully achieve a goal
  • Interest and excitement in the goal

The second is using colors to specify the status of each goal. I like using Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. Here are the definitions for each.

  • Red – off track, need to replan. Be honest here!
  • Yellow – at risk, plan in place to bring back on plan.
  • Green – on track.
  • Blue – complete.

I think the information provided will help you to be more successful with your personal and work goals!

You can listen to the podcast above. You can also listen on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. And I am not creating video versions of the podcasts on YouTube.


There is so much here. The question is – what will provide the most value? Creating a plan is, of course, is most important. But most of you know how to do this.

What I would focus on instead is how you achieve your goals when things don’t go as planned. Your actions are:

  1. Review your goals
  2. Determine which has the most risk.
  3. Define options and/or alternative plans for each.

I hope you enjoy the podcast!

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