The hub of a product organization is the Product Manager. They need to work closely with much of the company, understand the customer deeply, and drive the right set of capabilities to make a product or product line successful.

This week and next, I talk to Pashmeen Mistry about Product Managers. We discuss the role, how they operate, what skills are required, how to work most effectively with them, and more.

Pashmeen Mistry

Pashmeen is an expert in the field of Program Management. I am fortunate to have him on the podcast. Here is a bit about his background.

Pashmeen has just recently joined Amazon as a product manager. He will be working in the AWS team where he will have the opportunity to engage with customers in driving the adoption of a number of services.

Prior to joining Amazon, Pashmeen was a Senior Product Line Manager at VMware, where he lead the effort around VMware Skyline – the core of the telemetry and machine learning-based proactive support offering.

Before joining VMware, Pashmeen was at BlueJeans Network and before that at Cisco Systems.

Pashmeen has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from VJTI and completed the Stanford Ignite, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Program at Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

I know Pashmeen well. We hired him into my organization at VMware when we were reinventing support. He did an absolutely amazing job of driving and guiding Skyline to become the fastest-growing and largest SaaS product at VMware.

Podcast Topics

I split the podcast into two parts. The first podcast provides a good overview of Product Management.

  • The role of the Product Manager.
  • How this role differs across companies.
  • Who the Product Manager works most closely with?
  • The kinds of challenges Product Managers face.
  • The skills required for a Product Manager to be successful.

In the second session, we dig deeper into how managers can work most effectively with Product Managers.

  • How managers should work with Product Managers.
  • Examples of best experiences working with managers.
  • The support that Product Managers need to be successful.
  • How Product Managers are measured.
  • Finding a good work-life balance.

If you are interested in learning more, Pashmeen has created a Master Class on Product Management. If you are interested, please go to his PM Masterclass website.

I hope that you get a lot out of the interviews with Pashmeen.

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