Welcome to the first of two podcasts on Technical Program Managers (TPMs) with Orna Berryman.

These podcasts follow the goal that I have this year to focus more on the topics that are most interesting to my listeners. They are a bit different from others that I have done as I have brought in a true expert!

Orna Berryman

That expert is Orna Berryman. Orna has worked at great companies, including Intel, One Workplace, Cadence Design Systems, Electronic Arts, NVIDIA, VMware, Google, and Facebook!

She has experience in training, organizational development, development management, program management, release management, and of course management of technical program managers.

I got to know Orna at VMware where she demonstrated incredibly strong leadership and management skills.  I could not be happier to have Orna on the show!!

Technical Program Manager

I have split the topic into two podcasts.

  • The first covered what TPMs do, how they interact with other teams, roles and responsibilities, and the key skills they need to have.
  • The second, which has just been posted, covers how managers work with TPMs and some challenges that TPMs face, and how they deal with them.

I hope you enjoy!

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