I just read a GREAT post that I have to comment on. This is not my typical post, but the list that it includes about what it means to be a good leader, or better stated, what it means to give as a leader, is so good that I have to share. This comes from the post – “How Can You Really Tell Someone Is an Exceptional Leader? Ask This 1 Simple Question“.

 What you will learn…

  1. The fundamental question that every leader should ask
  2. What it really means to give as a leader

I have never read an article from Marcel Schwantes before. He is a Principal and founder for Leadership From the Core. Based on this one article, I have decided to follow him on Twitter (@MarcelSchwantes). Here are the key points in his article that I wanted to share.

The Question

We think of leadership in terms of how we inspire our team, how we provide vision, align them with our goals, and deliver something amazing. We rarely think about it from the other perspective. If we did, this is the question that we would ask.

What gift am I giving each and every day to those I lead?

What could they do if we thought about it in this way…

What it Really Means to Give as a Leader

Now for the part that I really love. Marcel provides an amazing list that I aspire to (and hope that in some ways I achieve).

  1. You give the gift of freedom and ownership.
  2. You give the gift of your time and attention.
  3. You give the gift of respect.
  4. You give the gift of compassion.
  5. You give the gift of flexible work hours.
  6. You give the gift of appreciation.

Whether you are running a small or large team, stop and consider how inspiring it would be to think and operate this way.

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What are your thoughts?!

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