I will be talking about work-life balance in a lot of my posts. That is because I think it is important. And it is something that I know you can do!

What you will learn…

  1. You are not alone, this is a big challenge.
  2. Be realistic, you have to work at ensuring the right balance.
  3. Use tools, one is included here that can help you.

Yea, yea, sounds simple. I know that it is not. As a result, even when you get there, it may only be for a while at which point things change. That might come from the work, where you get a new project that you are excited about and/or want to spend extra time on. Or it might come from the personal side of things. Maybe you are going to have a baby. The extra doctor’s appointments might take you away from your work. These two examples both mean that you will need to rethink and replan your work-life balance.

One of the best ways to figure this out is to listen to the many great videos that are online. Here are two of my favorites.

How to Make Work-Life Balance Work

I like this as a good overall video on work-life balance.

How to Prioritize

I love this one because it provides you with a tool that you can use to help you in prioritizing the tasks that you need to complete.

How to Manage Time With 10 Tips That Work

This one is a tease. Managing your time is something that you need to do as part of finding work-life balance. These are good tips to get you thinking.

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