The big day has come. The Develop Great Managers podcast is now available!

Develop Great Managers Podcast

I never thought I would create a podcast. I love listening to them, but never thought that I would be hosting one. The more I thought about how to best share the knowledge and experience of the great managers – the more obvious it became that I needed to interview them and share it broadly.

The Podcast

Based on this, I decided to create a podcast. The podcast is made up of three types of recordings.

My Podcast Studio!
  • Interviews with great managers
  • The same great managers share their career journeys
  • Discussions of interesting and relevant topics

Most of the interviews are with great managers in high technology. That is because I spent my whole career there. But much of the content is useful more broadly.

I started interviewing managers and directors and then moved to VPs and CXOs as I gained more experience and confidence. Regardless of level, all of the people that I interviewed were selected because of the respect that I have for them. They are not all the same – not even close. Their approach to managing is not the same either. And as with any of us, they have their strengths and weaknesses. But they all are successful.

My interviews are designed to extract their knowledge and experience in a form that will be interesting and useful. In addition to the podcasts and blog posts, I have already started pulling some of the great material from the interviews into an ebook called “Finding Your Work-Life Balance.” This and others that will be created in the future, are available to my website and podcast subscribers.

Today I am launching the podcast with two people and two podcasts each. I will follow this with a new podcast each week. Most of these will be interviews and career discussions, with infrequent topical podcasts sprinkled in.

Great Quotes

I think the content of these podcasts is amazing. Here are a few quotes from people who agree.

“Really amazing information. I’m not an IT person (I was a QA engineer for some time:) but all these stories, examples and recommendations are just brilliant!”


“Fantastic interview.  A must for anyone looking to develop their leadership skills and to learn from truly amazing leader. Thank you, Dale.”


“One great leader interviews another.”


Download and Subscribe

You can get these podcasts from Google Play Music, iTunes, Spotify, and other places where you get your favorite podcasts. I hope you get a chance to listen, and if you enjoy the podcast, please subscribe!


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