Last year (2020) did not go the way any of us expected. The COVID-19 pandemic changed things in ways we never would have imagined. I feel fortunate that I was able to continue to do most of the things that I love – but differently. I was able to work from home, play golf (after a bit of a shutdown), stay connected with family and friends (mostly Zoom), hike, and even travel just a bit (driving distance).

There was some good that came from all of this that will carry forward into the future. I have found new ways to connect, and new ways to work, have exercised more and gotten stronger (thanks to my youngest son Nick who is my virtual personal trainer), and have more clarity on what I really love doing. I am very thankful for my health and the health of my friends and family!

As I look forward to 2021, I expect that the beginning of the year will continue to be bumpy, but I am incredibly hopeful. I believe the vaccine(s) will help us get COVID under control and allow us to return to some form of a new normal.

Before getting into the goals, one topic that I would like to cover – Goal Tracking.

Goal Tracking

2020 Goals

I keep track of my goals on a daily basis. Yes, daily. The way I do this is to have my computer background graphic show my goals.

This does not annoy me. It works as a reminder that these are the goals that I want to accomplish. I can choose to do something else, but that is a choice.

New Goals

Here are my goals for 2021.

Deliver Valuable DGM ContentThe number of things that I do creates a challenge in finding balance. I want to make sure that I do not stop delivering value to managers through Develop Great Managers.
Help Anthony and Nick with their EndeavorsAnthony and my nephew Cooper are working on a company idea. Nick is looking at where he takes his career. I want to help as much as I can and as much as they will let me:)
Find Regular Golf Playing PartnersI tend to fit golf into my schedule rather than create a schedule around golf. As a result, it is hard to find regular playing partners, making golf a bit less fun.
Hike MoreI absolutely love hiking. I would like to do it more and find new locations/trails.
Ship a ProductThis one is here again. I continue to explore ideas but have not shipped anything yet. I really want to do this!

2020 Results

Here is a quick summary of how I did in 2020. Pretty good overall!

Ship a ProductNo – pursued multiple possibilities, one in the works.
Generate >= $20k RevenueNo – expected this as a result of shipping a product, did come close through hour consulting.
Move DGM to TopicsYes – think this was a good improvement.
Golf Index <= 15.3Yes – smashed this, but now worried that my index is lower than my skill!
Complete 1 Epic EventYes – serious hikes at Lake Tahoe.
Do 1 Large Home ProjectYes – Twain Harte bathroom.
Settle into RetirementYes – pretty happy with the balance of “work” and “play”.

New Tracking Graphic

I think that I will do fine for most of my goals. The one that requires the most attention is shipping a product. As a result, that will be the focus of my new computer background graphic. Here it is!

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